I was brought on board as art director and graphic designer to work closely with the artist and producer, Askjell. The task was to build his brand identity from the ground up – defining  typography, photographic style, colour and more. It accumulated in a brand guide and four cover art works. 

a. “Requiem” single cover.*
b. “To be loved” ep-cover.*

c. “To be loved(instrumental)” single cover.*

The Askjell-brand is inspired by the man himself, who has a soft spot for urban streetwear and is by no means your typical neo-classical composer. His beautiful piano compositions are combined with synthesizers and self-made samples, creating a distinct and modern sound. His approach is influenced by his years of experience with producing everything from pop anthems to hip hop beats. It is this contrast and tension between the classical and modern, the natural and synthetic that defines the brand – like a car idling in a tranquil forest. We juxtapose the music with the city, the people and their daily struggles, to create a dreamlike, poetic expression of the day-to-day. With this we aim to differentiate and bring a fresh perspective to a genre with a well established visual language.

d. Excerpt from the brand guide.

e. “Autumn Autumn” single cover.*

f. Logo typeface. A contemporary take on a classic styled typeface. In combination with non-classical imagery, this contrast builds and supports the brand concept.

* Images come from Sophia+Roberts amazing music videos, and edited by me.
** Promotional photography shot by the brilliant Lillie Eiger.