Screenheads is a fictive subculture from the 2010s. The project is an imaginative, absurd and speculative response to the culture that we find ourselves in. Everyday tools and objects was used to explore what a contemporary subculture could be like. [Awarded 🥇 in Visuelt].

“Screenheads” is presented as a documentation that unifies the many aspects of the subculture. A reportage and interview tells a story about young adults that's tired of constantly chasing success and appearance. Screenheads are revolting against their physical bodies and embraces a new digital identity. They cloth themselves with computer technology and use a helmet with an internal screen. This screen displays the digital world that they have created for themselves. A place where they can be whatever they want and take any shape. Imagine that you could be a sphere, banana, car or whatever you wanted. Like an avatar, just that you considerd the avatar to be your true self, and not the body that controls it. Just like youth cultures before them, Screenheads take the little they got and make the most of it.